Plummerville Cottages - Raymond, Maine
Our Family & Some History

David and Alice Plummer began renting a small housekeeping cottage in 1928 to families 'from away' that wanted to enjoy a peaceful, summer vacation on the lake in Maine. By 1970, when their daughter and her husband (Florence and Ernest Allen) took over the business, the number of cottages had grown to 10. Today, a third generation (Ernie, David & Sarah Allen) is 'in charge' and providing the same family focused environment with many of the earlier traditions and values families vacationing in Maine have come to know and enjoy. Most of the families that stay with us, return the next year. In fact, a majority of families have stayed with us over 15 years and some as many as 50!

Located on Panther Pond
Today, Plummerville consists of 10 housekeeping cottages nestled around a 300 foot sandy beach area on Panther Pond. This glacier formed lake is approximately 3 miles at its longest, 2 miles at its widest, and has a depth of over 60 feet. With no public boat ramps or marinas, there is minimal boat traffic and it is ideal for that 'quiet' summer vacation.